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KA-BAR Knives

We wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR knife because of its military heritage or because it's a legend in the world of knives.

We wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR because it comes from an American company with more than a century of knife-making experience.

And we wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR knife because of its resistance to corrosion, tested strength, unmatched edge-holding ability and out-of-the-box razor sharp blade.

Because there's only one real reason to buy a KA-BAR.

When it comes down to it and you're all alone and your survival depends on a knife, you're going to want a knife you can trust. A knife that won't fail you. A knife that has proven itself time and time again.

You're going to want a KA-BAR.

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What Owners Say

Hello Ka-Bar:

I am a retired naval officer, soon to be buying a knife for each of my daughters for camping, hiking, and the like. There is no question I will be purchasing two KA-BARs - the short version fixed-blade fighting knife for them. I carried a USMC fighting knife for more than 14 years of aviation duty and came to value its utility. SERE and various other training experiences I had demonstrated that to be truly useful in meeting the various challenges inherent to survival (or the rigors of combat), one's knife must be versatile, well-balanced, rugged, reliable, and comf…

David Kennison