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KA-BAR Knives

We wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR knife because of its military heritage or because it's a legend in the world of knives.

We wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR because it comes from an American company with more than a century of knife-making experience.

And we wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR knife because of its resistance to corrosion, tested strength, unmatched edge-holding ability and out-of-the-box razor sharp blade.

Because there's only one real reason to buy a KA-BAR.

When it comes down to it and you're all alone and your survival depends on a knife, you're going to want a knife you can trust. A knife that won't fail you. A knife that has proven itself time and time again.

You're going to want a KA-BAR.

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What Owners Say

I wanted to write KA-BAR and express my love for a knife, yes I know an inanimate object, however, I feel compelled to describe my appreciation for a company whom I have an extreme respect for. When I was in the Marines stuck in Kuwait City in 1992, I was in country for over a year, the Marines extended me past my EAS "End of Active Service" so I was beginning to miss my family, my Ssgt, he cheered me up by giving me his KA-BAR knife, I know hard to believe, an amazing gift to give up, however he felt bad I had to stay in country while my buddies flew home. He knew I admired the knife and I wa…

Sgt Clark A Gullette