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KA-BAR Knives

We wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR knife because of its military heritage or because it's a legend in the world of knives.

We wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR because it comes from an American company with more than a century of knife-making experience.

And we wouldn't tell you to buy a KA-BAR knife because of its resistance to corrosion, tested strength, unmatched edge-holding ability and out-of-the-box razor sharp blade.

Because there's only one real reason to buy a KA-BAR.

When it comes down to it and you're all alone and your survival depends on a knife, you're going to want a knife you can trust. A knife that won't fail you. A knife that has proven itself time and time again.

You're going to want a KA-BAR.

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What Owners Say

I have had my original USMC combat knife since 03SEP86 when i graduated Boot camp at Paris Island. it has been with me in South America, Cuba, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, the 1st Gulf War and my last 5 tours in Iraq. It has been my most prized possession and most useful tool I own. It has open up cans of ammo and cans of soup, it has cut rope and it has cut meat for dinner. It has always been the sharpest Knife in what ever unit I have been in, and while I have been lucky enough to never had to use it in a fight, if I ever did I knew I did not need to worry about it breaking, just my h…

Art Luneau