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Where To Buy

Don't get us wrong, you're more than welcome to buy knives online right off this very spiffy website. But be advised, you might save money if you get your knife through a dealer.

That's because we sell our knives at full, suggested retail prices while some of our dealers offer pretty solid discounts on our products.

Visit one of the retailers below to experience a KA-BAR in your own bare hands.

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What Owners Say

Dear Sir/Madam,

I thought that you might be interested in my knife that I have had for approximately 30 years (since new). The knife is still in good condition and I have used it constantly on a daily basis during my career on offshore drilling rigs throughout the world. In fact, over this time, the knife has been with me working in 22 different countries, and on 23 different rigs.

Of the two blades on this knife I have always used the finer of the two exclusively for cutting rope etc, whereas the other blade has been used as a hammer on occasion. Considering the rough treatment, it is particularly impressive that the blades are still tight/firm in the swivel and have not become loose.

This knife is a credit to the craftsmen who manufactured it, and I can recommend a KA-BAR knife to any person that might be looking for a quality knife.

Tony Bayly