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Don't get us wrong, you're more than welcome to buy knives online right off this very spiffy website. But be advised, you might save money if you get your knife through a dealer.

That's because we sell our knives at full, suggested retail prices while some of our dealers offer pretty solid discounts on our products.

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What Owners Say

My son is a Navy Corpsman attached to Marine Batallion 2D CEB MACO currently serving in the Helmad Providence in Afghanistan. They are Route Clearance Platoon 1, Unit 73605 which disables and disposes of IED's.

Before my son's deployment to Afghanistan, my husband and I learned he was planning to cary only his pocket knife with him.

My husband, Dan had a WWII era KA-BAR knife that had been given to him years ago. We asked Mike to carry this knife with him, mainly to ease his Mother's worries. I wanted him to be well prepared for any situation he may encounter.

We were concerned that the younger generation may tease him for carrying a large "Rambo style" knife but he happily strapped it to his vest and was proud to carry it.

The knife quickly became the entire company's knife. They have no other knife in the company that is as sharp as Mike's Ka-Bar knife nor any other blade that will hold it's edges so well.

Mike's Marines went to their company commander and asked that the KA-BAR knife be issued to the entire company. Unfortunatly the request was denied with the reasoning that the knife is not an essential tool for them to have. However, several of the Marines plan to purchase their own KA-BAR knife once they return to the states so they may have it with them for their next deployment.

On behalf of Navy Corpsman HN Michael Lobsinger and his parents, Dan and Jeannie Gildersleeve, we wish thank you all for continuing to produce the finest knife ever made.

The KA-BAR knife continues to be proudly used generation after generation by our US soldiers.

Jeannie Gildersleeve