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Where To Buy

Don't get us wrong, you're more than welcome to buy knives online right off this very spiffy website. But be advised, you might save money if you get your knife through a dealer.

That's because we sell our knives at full, suggested retail prices while some of our dealers offer pretty solid discounts on our products.

Visit one of the retailers below to experience a KA-BAR in your own bare hands.

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What Owners Say

Two story block construction structure fire. I was on the search and rescue team looking for victims. Long story short I fell through the second story floor to the first floor and was trapped under debris. I was able to get to my KABAR Mule that I always carry in my gear and was able to chip away enough brick mortar to get a few blocks out and get myself out of a bad situation.. Thank you guys for making such a great product. It saved this Firefighters ass.

Bobby King