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Don't get us wrong, you're more than welcome to buy knives online right off this very spiffy website. But be advised, you might save money if you get your knife through a dealer.

That's because we sell our knives at full, suggested retail prices while some of our dealers offer pretty solid discounts on our products.

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What Owners Say

I wanted to write KA-BAR and express my love for a knife, yes I know an inanimate object, however, I feel compelled to describe my appreciation for a company whom I have an extreme respect for. When I was in the Marines stuck in Kuwait City in 1992, I was in country for over a year, the Marines extended me past my EAS "End of Active Service" so I was beginning to miss my family, my Ssgt, he cheered me up by giving me his KA-BAR knife, I know hard to believe, an amazing gift to give up, however he felt bad I had to stay in country while my buddies flew home. He knew I admired the knife and I was very impressed and proud to have it as a token of our friendship. He and I were good friends and I treasured the knife for years, we lost contact, I found out later from another Marine in our unit he had died in a car wreck and I kept the knife as a momento of my service and our friendship. He had carved his intials into the handle and date. In 1999, I split with my wife, we were going through a divorce, before I could get my stuff out of storage, she had sold all my old Marine stuff at a garage sale for pennies, to include my old Alice Pack with Frame and the KA-BAR knife I treasured so much. Needless to say I was highly upset. Now, fast forward to today, I was browsing Cabellas, and I dropped by the knife display and I see one similar to my old friends, the USMC KA-BAR knife, I bought one. Its funny how something as simple as a knife can make you feel great, I took it home and immediately mink oiled the leather and carved his intials. I just wanted you to know how much it means to own this knife again, I know its just a knife, but it means more to me, it means America, it means Heroism of WW2, its a faith in something, someth ing strong and worthy of my admiration. I just wanted you guys who make this knife to know I admire it, its history, its durability, and the memory of an old marine buddy, thanks for making something I enjoy and can hand down to my son with pride, Thanks Sgt Clark A. Gullette USMC

Sgt Clark A Gullette