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The great thing about FAQ pages is that you can get answers to all your questions without anyone ever realizing there was something about knives you didn't know already.

So, get your answers here and preserve your knife-expert status.

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  • Buying, Pricing and Discounts

    > Is there a store in my area that sells KA-BAR?
    While many stores across the U.S. sell our products, most of them buy through distributors. As a result, it's hard to track exactly who they are. If you search your area and don't find anything, please check out our Where to Buy page for catalog and online retailers.
    > Why am I able to buy your knives cheaper from other dealers than on your website?
    We sell our products online at full suggested retail prices so that we don't end up competing with our own dealers. You can check out some of those dealers on our Where to Buy page. You can also search online for our products sold through other dealers and distributors at discounted prices.
    > Can I use my prepaid credit card for an order I place online?
    Sorry. We don't accept pre-paid credit cards for orders on our website.
    > Can I pay for my order by Money Order or Personal Check?
    Yes. Mail us your order, along with the money order or check. Please note that if you're paying by personal check it may take longer to process your order, as the check will have to clear before we can ship your merchandise.
    > Does KA-BAR offer a military discount?
    KA-BAR products are sold on many bases and through dealers located near the largest bases in the U.S. and abroad. If you have exhausted those options contact us at info@ka-bar.com to ask about working directly with us.
    > Does KA-BAR offer a law enforcement discount?
    Our products are sold through many dealers servicing law enforcement agencies that may offer discounts. If you are unable to locate a dealer near you or online, contact KA-BAR at info@ka-bar.com to ask about setting up an account to place official department orders.
    > Does KA-BAR charge sales tax on orders?
    KA-BAR currently charges sales tax on retail orders being shipped to NY, WA and IL.
    > I am a Vector Sales rep. Do I get a discount on KA-BAR products? If so, how do I take advantage of this?
    Please contact KA-BAR Customer Service at our toll free number, 1-800-282-0130.  We'll walk you through the process of ordering.
  • Other/ Miscellaneous

    > I tried to place an order online and got an error message. What do I do?
    Agh! We hate that and we're sorry for the trouble. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-282-0130 for assistance. We're open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. If you have troubles after hours, please email us at info@ka-bar.com and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.
  • Product Spec & Modification Questions

    > Do you offer a U.S.A.F. Ka-Bar? If you do have a USAF Knife where can I purchase one? I feel left out and jealous of the other Services!
    We're sorry, the United States Air Force has a policy against using its name, logo, or acronym on any weapons.  Unfortunately, that includes KA-BAR knives.  We do, however, offer knives marked simply "USA".  It is meant to stand for United States of America but you could tell your buddies it stands for Air Force.
    > I have a serrated KA-BAR model 1211, but it seems everywhere I look, the serrated version is supposed to be 1212. Are both models just marked with 1211, or is something wrong here?
    Since the blade blanks are the same and serrations are added as a final process, both the straight edge and serrated edge Kraton handled KA-BAR knives are marked '1211' at the tang.
    > Hi, I lost one of the nuts and bolts to my BK9 knife handle. Can you please send me a replacement?
    KA-BAR will do its best to send out at no charge replacement fasteners for any current product.  Please provide your full name and mailing address.  If we are unable to fulfill your request we will send you an email.
    > Hey KA-BAR, I was always wondering why the knife blade isnt parallel with the handle. The blade is situated a couple mm below in line with the handle, why is this? Thanks for any response.

    The USMC knife was originally designed with the tang slightly offset. There were several reasons for this:

    1)      The offset tang put the handle more in line with the tip of the blade....for thrusting/stabbing.

    2)      The raised  offset tang allowed more room for the fingers on the underside of the handle.

    If one looks carefully at WWII vintage knives, you will see the offset but it was not as pronounced. The handle cross-section was rounder back then. KA-BAR has made the handle more oval which makes the offset more visible these days.

    > What's the tanto blade design for or best for?
    The Tanto blade shape is primarily a combat shape with enough curve on the length for slashing and a strong, reinforced point for thrusting.  However, the shape is versatile and durable and can be used for most general purposes.
    > Am I able to order left sided sheaths for your knives? Are the hard plastic sheaths made to carry a knife for either right or left handed folks?
    While the KA-BAR leather sheaths are set up primarily for right-handed users, almost all the hard plastic sheaths we offer are ambidextrous.
    > Where would I be able to get replacement washer handle for a KA-BAR knife?
    The process of compiling, compressing, shaping and coloring the leather washers used to create the traditional KA-BAR knife handles is best left to the experts.  Still, if you've got the proper machinery and would like to give it a shot, we do offer a handle kit which includes washers, spacers and a butt cap.  Please contact KA-BAR Customer Service at 800-282-0130 to place an order.
    > What part of the knife contains lead?
    KA-BAR knives do not contain lead.  The snaps in some of the sheaths sold with our knives may contain trace amounts of lead.  In order to comply with some state laws, KA-BAR is required to mark its products shipped with these sheaths with a lead warning sticker.
    > How do I install the TDI clip to the BK11 sheath.
    There are three parts you are going to need.  They are the screw, rubber washer and the barrel fastener. The screw and the barrel fastener connect; however, the rubber washer would need to be in between. To attach the three, you would place the clip on top of the sheath, place the rubber washer in between. Insert the screw into the hole in the sheath, through the rubber washer and the metal clip and into the barrel fastener.
    > Are the Ka-Bar USMC, Classic Knives, Tanto blades, and all others with the classic leather stacked handle full tang? I viewed your online tour of how your blades are made, but it seemed more focused on the USMC classic clip point models, but how about the other blades? Specifically the Tanto?
    All of the knives that have the classic KA-BAR shaped handle (ie leather and Kraton) have a full length, narrow tang.  The leather washers or Kraton handle is slid over the tang and a metal pommel is pressed onto the end of the tang.  The pommel is then cross pinned with a stainless steel pin.  The leather handled Tanto is made using this same construction.
    > How is the Grass Machete Blade attached to the Kraton handles? Is there a Tang imbedded in the handle?
    The Kraton handle is rammed into a full-length tapered tang.  After being fully seated, the handle is secured to the tang with a grommet that is cross pinned and swaged.
    > What is the recommended sharpening angle for Ka-Bar utility knives?
    All final edges are put on by hand at the factory.  We aim for approximately 40 degrees inclusive (20 degrees per side).  This can be adjusted by the end user as required.
  • About KA-BAR

    > Does KA-BAR give factory tours?
    We share our manufacturing facility with CUTCO Cutlery and we don't currently give factory tours. You may be interested in checking out our Visitor's Center, where you can see both companies' products and learn about how they're made.
    > Kind of disturbing my KA-BAR knives have a made in China and made in Taiwan stamp on them. Why arent these knives produced in the USA?

    While KA-BAR would prefer to manufacturer all its knives in the USA, it would be cost prohibitive to do so.  The company offers many, many USA made knives and continually strives to design products that are manufacturable for a reasonable price in the states.  KA-BAR also partners with reputable manufacturers in Taiwan and China.  These suppliers are required to uphold the same high standards as knives manufactured in our own plant.  And, rest assured, our imported products are covered under KA-BAR'S Limited Lifetime Warranty as well.

  • Product Offerings and Catalogs

    > How often does KA-BAR introduce new products?
    We release most of our new products early in the year, between January and April, but we'll occasionally introduce new products at other times as well. Be sure to keep checking our website or sign up for our email newsletters to stay on top of product news.
    > How often does KA-BAR print catalogs?
    We print our full-line trade catalog once a year, usually in January.
    > Can I get a folding knife pad printed?
    No. At this time pad printing is only offered on knives with the traditional blade shape, like our #1217 USMC knife. We are able to engrave most knives though. Visit our Custom Engraving & Printing page for more information.
    > Does KA-BAR offer Web Exclusive items?
    Occasionally we'll produce a small batch of products exclusively for the website. We also use the site to sell non-knife products, such as badass T-Shirts and promotional items.
    > I just purchased a becker BK5. I seem to remember it was recently offered with a small "piggyback" knife that fit in the small sheath behind the puch. Is this small knife still available and what model is it. Thanks
    When the large Becker product line was first reintroduced through KA-BAR, we included a small Remora knife (BK13) in the package with the standard, large knives.  That was a limited-time promotion.  You can now purchase the knife separately on our website at http://www.kabar.com/knives/detail/6 .
    > Does KA-BAR still make the 7" fighting/utility knife with USCG stamped on the blade? Does KA-BAR make a U.S. Coast Guard commemorative knife? I think the model # was 1208. If so I would like to purchase one of the knives.

    It's not usually an easy decision to make, but from time to time KA-BAR has to eliminate items from it's product line in order to make room for new models.  Such is the case with the USCG knife which was last sold in 2008.  Generally speaking, odds are pretty good that if you don't see a knife on our website, we no longer make it.

    > I have a serrated KA-BAR model 1211, but it seems everywhere I look, the serrated version is supposed to be 1212. Are both models just marked with 1211, or is something wrong here?
    Since the blade blanks are the same and serrations are added as a final process, both the straight edge and serrated edge Kraton handled KA-BAR knives are marked '1211' at the tang.

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