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"Two story block construction structure fire. I was on the search and rescue team looking for victims. Long story short, I fell through the second story floor to the first floor and was trapped under debris. I was able to get to my KA-BAR Mule that I always carry in my gear and was able to chip away enough brick mortar to get a few blocks out and get myself out of a bad situation.. Thank you guys for making such a great product. It saved this Firefighter's ass."

-Bobby King

Drawing of firefighter holding KA-BAR Mule.

"I wasn't sure about KA-BAR knives when I first decided I needed a knife. I read about the mythic KA-BAR USMC and I thought..why not. It's been two years, I am abusing mine in -50 degree weather, and it never failed me. My basic needs include cutting frozen meat, digging for berries, and more. I love my exKAliBAR."


Drawing of hooded man holding KA-BAR USMC.

"I'm in the Canadian Forces but I picked up a USMC KA-BAR at Pendleton and carried it throughout my year long tour in Afghanistan. During an attack on our camp all I had was my 9mm and my KA-BAR. The other guys said I looked freaking hard core and no insurgent was going to mess with me. None did."


Drawing of Canadian Forces member with KA-BAR USMC.

I am a search and rescue diver for Escambia Search and Rescue. ESAR is a not for profit, publicly funded search and rescue group so we train whenever we get time off from our daily jobs. Last night we went for a dive in Escambia Bay to do some dark water training...As we were getting ready to end our training, I spotted what seemed to be a huge Gulf flounder. I swam closer to inspect and see if I was correct and indeed I was. I stuck the flounder with my KA-BAR, and had the fight of my life on my hands. When we got back to the truck I measured it...and had it weighed at Outcast Bait and Tackle (only certified scales in town). The Gulf flounder weighed in at 7.53lbs and 25 1/8". The world record Gulf flounder weighed in at 6.25lbs. To be considered for a world record it has to be caught with rod and reel, but I like it KA-BAR style. Your products keep me safe and protected in the Marine Corps, as well as on search and rescue missions, and I just wanted to say thanks.

-Corporal in the US Marine Corps

Drawing of flounder punctured by KA-BAR knife.
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