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ITEM: 1225

US NAVY KA-BAR®, Straight Edge

The traditional KA-BAR marked for Navy personnel. Tang stamped USN. Leather sheath included. Made in the USA.
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ITEM: 1225

US NAVY KA-BAR®, Straight Edge

The traditional KA-BAR marked for Navy personnel. Tang stamped USN. Leather sheath included. Made in the USA.

Handle Color: Brown

Sheath Included In Stock
Sheath Included: 1225S
Customize Your Handle
Handle Component Kit for Traditional KA-BAR +$7.00
Handle Component Kit for Traditional KA-BAR #1217HC KA-BAR'S handle component kit consists of all the parts to rebuild your traditional KA-BAR handle, like the one on the world renowned USMC fighting/utility knife. Leather washers, spacers, hand guard, butt cap and pin included. A word of caution, these are raw materials. It still takes a little magic to get your refurbished handle to look like our famously oval-shaped one from the factory. You'll need equipment to compress the washers into place, shape them and color them. This task is not for the faint of heart, or the unskilled craftsman! $7.00
  • Technical Specs
      • Weight
      • 0.7 lb
      • Blade Type
      • Fixed Blade
      • Blade Length
      • 7 inches
      • Overall length
      • 11.875 inches
      • Edge Angles
      • 20 Degrees
      • Shape
      • Clip Point
      • Tang Stamp
      • USN
      • Knife Material
      • 1095 Cro-Van
      • Grind
      • Flat
      • Handle Material
      • Leather
      • Rockwell Hardness
      • 56-58
      • Butt Cap/Guard
      • 12GA Commercial Grd Carbon Steel
      • Knife Country of Origin
      • United States
      • Sheath Country of Origin
      • Mexico
      • Blade Thickness
      • 0.165 inches
      • Blade Width
      • 1.188 inches
  • Designer Information
    • KA-BAR

      We are KA-BAR, or more formally, KA-BAR Knives, Inc. You may know us from our high quality military, hunting, sporting, all-purpose utility, and outdoor survival knives. We offer hundreds of quality cutlery products and accessories sold through independent retailers, distributors, mail order catalogs and our online knife store.

  • Ratings & Reviews
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      • Mårten Sundström
      • Good stuff, the only practical flaws i see are the sharp plastic pieces on the ends of the handle and the old type needlessly thin tang, same width as the short miniature version i also got Very sharp, better higher grind than my old kraton handle, leather feels good and smells interesting
      • Eric Chamberlain
      • I received this beautiful blade as a gift from my girlfriend upon graduation from Radiology School. My jaw dropped. This blade is incredible! I have been a woodsman all my life and am very meticulous with the edges on my blades, so I cant say that the knife was all that sharp when I received it. However, I can say that the blade is taking on an incredible edge and holding it. I am impressed with the heft and balance of the knife and the stacked leather handle provides an excellent grip. The blade is hard...very hard. However, I have been able to make good progress with the edge with a hard Arkansas stone. The knife has slight flaws on the edge grind, but I believe that I will easily work through these with my stones in the next 3 months or so. Don't let that statement deter you. As Ive said, I am meticulous with the edges on my blades. I have an extensive collection of high-end knives. It is not uncommon at all for me to spend a year or more perfecting an edge. I have been working with this blade for about 4 weeks now and believe I can have the edge on it that I want in another 3 months. So, that should give you and idea of how small the grind flaws were. I appreciate the recognition of service in the military that this blade affords and I feel honored carrying it. I am a U.S. Navy veteran. I served aboard the USS Archerfish. I would like to extend a special thank you to Ka-bar for their recognition to veterans such as myself. You have honored us!
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