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Black Heavy-Duty Polyester Sheath

Fits Becker Magnum Camp, #BK5; Becker Campanion, #BK7.
Black Heavy-Duty Polyester Sheath for BK5 & BK7
  • Black Heavy-Duty Polyester Sheath for BK5 & BK7
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Black Heavy-Duty Polyester Sheath

Fits Becker Magnum Camp, #BK5; Becker Campanion, #BK7.
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      • Sean Murphy
      • Honestly, this sheath will do it's job. It will allow anyone to position the knife on their body/carrying pack with ease. But….thats it. I give a two star because it will last you and work, but it's FAR from perfect. The sheath is a bit too long in comparison to the knife. To the point to where if you want to carry behind the back it sticks out on both sides of your hips, and if you want to carry at the side it's almost as if you're carrying a mini machete. It has nothing to do with the knife size however, it's just that the sheath is way too long. In addition to being too long, the knife is not firmly locked in place in the holster. You will hear it rattle around all the time. I was kind of annoyed paying 160$ for a knife with a sheath of this horrendous appearance/quality. Would most definitely prefer a smooth leather or tactical sheath over this sheath any day of the week. I would highly recommend this company start rethinking pairing these with their knives because enough research online will tell you I'm not the only one with this opinion.
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